CE Hours: 1.5

Seq# 205 - Stem Cells in and Around the Tooth: What’s Capable and What’s Mission Impossible

Stem cells in and around the teeth are of vital importance to dentistry. The early perception that once stem cells are identified and harvested, various dental and craniofacial structures will regeneration. We now understand that tissue regeneration requires knowledge and skills of not only stem cells, but also host environment and disease models. In this symposium, we will: 1) discuss the origin and functions of dental stem cells, 2) describe new technologies that drive the field of stem cell biology, 3) explore how stem/progenitors differentiate into mature cells in homeostasis and injuries/diseases, and 4) highlight the clinical relevance within multiple approaches of interrogation of dental stem cells in the context of tissue regeneration.

Learning Objectives:

  • To further understand controversies in stem cell biology
  • To appreciate how stem/progenitor cells differentiate into odontoblasts in homeostasis and injuries/diseases
  • To learn new knowledge about translational studies of stem cell biology and bridge pathways towards clinical Translation