CE Hours: 1.5

Seq# 262 - Translating the Science of SDF into Clinical Practice

This session will be recorded and available through IADR CE On Demand after the meeting for Continuing Education Credit.  

Silver Diammine Fluoride (SDF) received FDA approval in the United States in 2015 as a devise to treat dentinal hypersensitivity in adults over 21 years of age. A commercial product was introduced to the market soon after, and SDF has recently gained increased attention as a caries arrest medicament for the management of caries lesion activity. Clinical trials encompassing more than 4000 children worldwide, support its effectiveness and safety for caries arrest in this age group. Results from these trials led to the development of evidence-based guidelines for the use in children from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD). This symposium aims to describe the process of translating the results of systematic reviews and clinical trials into guidelines for clinical use, point out the hurdles and the weak links in scientific data that prevent the formulation of strong recommendations. We will also present the current status of ongoing clinical trials and collaborations, with the aim of refining common goals for outcome measures and reporting that will lead to strong recommendations in the future.

Learning Objectives:

  • Attendants will: 1. Gain insight in the process of development of guidelines and recommendations for clinical use based on available scientific data.
    1.1 Understand gaps in knowledge/available data published that limit the production of strong recommendations.
    1.2 Become familiar with current evidence-based recommendations
  • 2. Be introduced to ongoing trials and collaborations in different settings and geographical areas, their outcome measures and endpoints.
  • 3. Understand common goals, and need for unifying outcome measures and reporting standards to facilitate translation of results.