CE Hours: 1.5

Seq# 86 - Genes, Environment and Epigenetics: Putting the Puzzle Together

This session will be recorded and available through IADR CE On Demand after the meeting for Continuing Education Credit.  

As genetic technology rapidly evolves so too does our understanding of the role of genes and environment in complex traits, including dental and oral conditions. The role of epigenetics has been clearly demonstrated in a number of medical fields and there is emerging evidence to suggest similar importance in oral conditions. This symposium will reinvent the age-old debate of genes vs environment, presenting these concepts in a modern, clinical context to understand how the latest genetic, twin and epigenetic studies are exploring the complex inter-related roles of genes and environment in the aetiology of dental disease.

Learning Objectives:

  • Outline current evidence for genetic influence in the aetiology of dental caries
  • Understand how twin studies can be used to estimate the role of genetics and environment in complex conditions
  • Understand basic principles of epigenetics and how epigenetic factors can influence disease initiation and progression.