CE Hours: 1.5

Seq# 114 - Inverting the Pyramid: Designing an Integrated Workforce for Disease Prevention

This session will be recorded and available through IADR CE On Demand after the meeting for Continuing Education Credit.  

Recognizing the global disease pattern, in particular the continous increase in in equalities in health and oral health, there is a need for more sustanaible equitable and inclusive approaches to health care and health care professionals. The common risks and determinants for Oral and General Helath stress the need for inter-sectorality and trans-disciplinary action and research as well as integrated workforce development and education.
It is important to understand the links and synergies between oral and general health in order to promote partnerships to link stakeholders towards policies, which promote health and oral health and at the same time addresses inequalities effectively.
This symposium will aim to identify opportunities and challenges to develop an integrated oral and general health workforce approach to reduce inequalities and achieve better oral and general health outcomes for all.

Learning Objectives:

  • To provide awareness and understanding of the importance of an integrated approach to disease prevention and health care workforce.
  • To provide an overview of opportunities and barriers for integrated action to reduce oral health inequalities.
  • To outline possible contributions of the oral health community sensitive to cultural differences and policy issues