Seq#57 - Altmetrics - The New Impact Factor?

Impact factor has been perceived by some as a good indicator of the quality of scientific papers. However, it has many limitations, which are sometimes not understood by policy makers and funders of research. Alternative system, one of which is Altmetrics, either used by themselves, or in combination with the impact factor, may help to provide a more balanced assessm,ent of the quality of scientific papers. This satellite symposium aims to explore the possibilities, which will be explained by four speakers. It is proposed to publish the proceedings of the satellite symposium as has been done after the previous three staellite symposia held for editors, publishers and everyone with an interest in scientific literature. The lasyt such symposium, held in 2015, just before the IADR Boston meeting attracted an audience of 210.

Learning Objectives:

  • Those present will be reminded of the limitations and strengths of the impact factor an should gain a greater understanding of these factors
  • To ensure that those present understand why the use of the impact factor to assess scientific literature disadvantages some researchers
  • To provide those present with an understanding of Altmetrics and how this system may replace or supplement other systems for assessing the impact of scientific research.