Satellite Symposium

5 - Joint Symposium IADR GORG, ECG, JSG: Preserving Teeth in the Oldest Old

8:45 am–5:45 pm 24 July (Europe - London)

British Dental Association, (64 Wimpole Street Street, Marylebone, London)


Seq#5 - Joint Symposium IADR GORG, ECG, JSG: Preserving Teeth in the Oldest Old

This is a joint symposium of the IADR Geriatric Oral Research Group, the European College of Gerodontology, and the Japanese Society of Gerodontology on the 24th July 2018.

The geriatric challenge for dental medicine has many facets; throughout the western world the demographic revolution changes society and with it daily practice in dental medicine. Firstly, there will be more and more elderly persons with a still growing life expectancy. Secondly, the success of oral preventive strategies in earlier life stages is becoming increasingly obvious.

The elders will retain their own teeth longer in life, which is per se a positive development. Elderly persons with a functional dentition, i.e. shortened dental arch, demonstrate a higher Oral Health Related Quality of Life, exhibit at a lower risk to develop a protein-energy malnutrition, and are socially more active than their edentulous peers.

On the other hand, retaining own teeth in high age comes at a price. They demand a high level of preventive oral hygiene measures. Age-related diseases make it difficult to clean teeth and dental prostheses. We see the return of caries, and more specifically root caries in the elderly and geriatric population.

The goals in Gerodontology should be discussed critically: 1.) Establishing an infection-free oral cavity, 2.) Fostering quality of life factors related to oral health, 3.) Long-term prevention of oral infections, 4.) Using prostheses for maintaining or improving masticatory function. 5.) Ensuring acceptable oral appearance.

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Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about preventive and minimally invasive strategies to deal with caries in the oldest old
  • Learn about preserving oral function with natural teeth, but also possible inflammatory burden
  • Learn about the impact of preserving natural teeth on (Oral) Health related Quality of Life